ProducTechs: Tradeshow Services For Small B2B Tech Companies

by Unconventional Wisdom, technical sales and marketing experts, specializing in B2B technology products.
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Face to face still matters in business 

Despite all the amazing things we can do digitally, face to face is still an essential part of selling tech to businesses, and trade shows are a great way to get face to face with potential customers. They are an important way to fill the sales funnel with highly qualified leads -potential customers with a real interest, who have connected with your product and want to move ahead. Trade shows also provide valuable insights into what your customers want and how you can increase your sales success.

IMG-20130105-00352 - Conflict-pcrop-tinyBut trade shows are a problem for many small tech companies.

  • Technical Experts Out of The Office 

Unless you have a highly technical sales team, your sales people need  techs in the booth to handle technical questions. But you can’t just bring in generic techs to help, because while they know the technology, they don’t know your product. That often means the lead developer, CTO or head engineer, which means these critical resources are stuck in a trade show booth and not doing what they’re best at and what the rest of the company relies on them for. Release dates are delayed, customer issues resolved slower, and tech teams lack the support they need from these experts.

HOW WE HELP: ProducTechs are technical sales experts who specialize in communicating how technologies are applied in specific products to meet specific business needs. We invest the time to become expert in the product we represent, both  the technology and the capabilities it enables. We have enabled tech our clients’ teams to stay in the lab where they can be most productive and we handle most technical questions at the show directly. We recognize our limits and know that “I’ll find out” is sometimes the best answer, but our prep work ensures that we don’t need to say that often. Whether on our own or supporting your sales team, we provide the technical strength you need on the show floor and our time investment means we function as team members, just without adding headcount to your payroll. When you engage ProducTechs, anyone who didn’t know better would  think we were employees.

  • Disappointing results 

Without a big marketing department, much less an event manager, there’s little time to plan and execute marketing strategies to get the right people into the booth, so the money spent on the  space, the exhibit, travel and brochures outweighs the potential sales. For some companies, this means just not doing shows, letting your competitors monopolize the customers who are motivated enough to go to the show looking for a solution. For others it means spending the money without much return, showing up but not getting customers into the booth, or not connecting with those who wander in.

HOW WE HELP: Our experience in both traditional and digital marketing and using social media to connect with current and potential customers ahead of the show  allows us to execute campaigns that get the right people into your booth. Whether you are entering a new market, launching a new product, or just reinforcing your visibility, we can take care of the pre-show marketing that will make the show deliver results.

  • Multiple Industries

Trade shows attract audiences with very specific interests. The features that appeal to one of your markets might not be interesting to another. You have different competitors in different verticals. Even the language is different. Customizing your message and training tech and sales people to hit the right notes with a specific show’s audience takes time that many small companies just don’t have.

HOW WE HELP: We excel in communicating product value to specific audiences. For instance, communication gear might work the same way for public safety, transportation, and mining, but why they need it and how they talk about it is very different. A software package might handle the needs of solid, liquid and medical waste management, but each type of customer wants to hear about the features they will use in the language of their industry.  ProducTechs are passionate about understanding these nuances and we immerse ourselves in each line of business.  Our marketing materials, product demos and conversations convey our passion and understanding of the customer’s business. We don’t pretend to be what we aren’t, but customers are sometimes surprised when they learn that we haven’t been in their industry our whole careers.

  • No Time

Every employee at a small company is stretched thin at the best of times. Preparing for a trade show can be a lot of work – from booth design to shipping and setting up services like electrical, to planning audience-specific demos and presentations that will resonate with the attendees of the show, there is often just not enough time in the day. Squeezing it all in often means spending more than you should on show services, shipping and the booth itself, which hurts your return on investment (ROI). Even worse for ROI, many trade show leads never get followed up – 80% according to studies. If you don’t have time to follow up, those hot, qualified leads won’t turn into revenue.

HOW WE HELP: We can augment your staff, taking show preparation off their hands and applying our past experience to getting it done right and on a slim budget. We have developed a repertoire of techniques to increase the impact of our client’s show presence and minimize the cost, and we delight in doing more with less and delivering great results. After the show, we can follow up on leads that your sales team doesn’t have time for, and make sure the customer interest converts to revenue.

  • Schedule conflicts 

Trade shows are a big time commitment. With travel to and from, set-up and tear-down, a trade show can easily fill up your week, meaning you have to choose between doing the show and handling customers. When a big customer opportunity comes up for show week, you might even have to delay the customer till the show is over, which is rarely good for business.   Small companies can’t just add or assign extra employees the way big ones can so it’s the show or the eager customer, a choice you never want to make.

HOW WE HELP: Until you have more employees or figure out how to be in two places at once, ProducTechs can be the answer to ensure your core team can focus on business while we are at the show filling your sales funnel with qualified, high-potential leads. Once we are part of your extended team, you will never have to say “not that week” to a customer again.

Securetech-DSC_0376-tinyTrade shows are valuable opportunities to connect face to face with your potential customers. With ProducTechs on your team, you don’t have to choose between running the show and running your business.

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Contact us to arrange a no obligation evaluation of how our ProducTechs can augment your team and help you get the most out of face to face marketing at trade shows.


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