Product Development

Unconventional Wisdom product development services help both mature companies and startups turn technology into products (and productized services) that deliver customer value and meet business goals.

Sandi Jones has been leading technology product development since 2004 and prior to that she was the technical lead on development of Internet Service Provider products. She is a marketer with a deep technology and operations background that infuses her marketing work with practical and innovative solutions. Sandi’s product development leadership experience spans two large service providers ( Rogers Communications and MTS Allstream), a small niche wireless start-up (Vital Alert Communication) and clients whose products range from content analytics to industrial hardware. She has developed products as diverse as Internet services, websites, telecom services, wireless hardware and infrastructure management, giving her a broad and deep view of the technology business. She has delivered mass market consumer products as well as niche products targeting industries such as Financial Services, Transportation, Mining, and Emergency Management, and excels in tailoring products and marketing to ensure relevance to target industries.

Sandi’s technical and business expertise allows her and her Unconventional Wisdom team to take tech-enabled products from notion to in-market success and her ability to align and lead people results in strong team execution and effective partner and customer relationships. Sandi and the Unconventionals are equally at home in the board room or the lab, on a trade-show floor or at  a customer site.

Areas of focus include:

  • Idea generation and screening
  • Business and technical requirements development
  • Technical development leadership
  • Project management
  • Market research
  • Marketing plan development and implementation
  • Global or local business development
  • Partnership development & management
  • Client relationship development & management
  • Go-to-market materials (positioning, content and execution)

Unconventional Wisdom leverages product-focused resources with expertise in  product management, technology, marketing, finance, and business strategy as well as creative content producers such as designers, photographers, and writers.

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