About Unconventional Wisdom

logo-square-smallUnconventional Wisdom specializes in technical marketing and business development  for B2B technology products and services. Led by Sandi Jones, we handle a wide variety of projects, including product development, product launches, lead generation, business and technical research and creation of marketing content.

The name “Unconventional Wisdom” reflects the fact that while “conventional wisdom” is generally accepted as truth, it often doesn’t apply, and it is often used as a way to dismiss great ideas or explain why a business objective can’t be achieved.  “Unconventional Wisdom” is the truth that is often hidden just out of sight – another way of looking at the problem that reveals solutions that negate conventional wisdom. Sandi and her team specialize in challenging conventional wisdom when it presents barriers, and determining how business goals can be reached despite it. 

The name also reflects the unconventional backgrounds of Sandi and her team. Sandi is both a marketer and a tech, with a prior career in performing arts. Her team includes:

– a Ph.D candidate researcher with an MBA in finance who is a talented photographer and graphic designer,

– a network technology expert who has operated nuclear power plants, and

– a variety of resources with equally unconventional resumes.

This mix of skills and perspectives gives Unconventional Wisdom the ability to approach problems from many angles and come up with the right solution. It also means we can each “wear many hats” on projects and execute efficiently.

Our logo is a stylized UW but it also represents a glass that is either half full, or half empty. In the spirit of Unconventional Wisdom, we recognize that sometimes half empty is better than half full so we don’t prejudge (although the engineer in us wonders if the glass is just too big.)

We love to connect with other “Unconventionals” and expand our network of resources, so if you  don’t fit neatly into an org chart box, please introduce yourself

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